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You Who Came from the Stars

You Who Came from the Stars


Do Min-Joon, an alien that came to our planet 400 years ago, will be able to return to his planet in 3 months, but when he meets famous actress Chun Song-Yi, all the centuries he spent distancing himself from humans come to an end.

8.5 IMDb hodnocení
6 epizod

Seznam epizod

Název epizody Počet titulků Stažení celkem Překlady
S01E02 - 1 14x
en cs sk
S01E03 - Episode #1.3 1 1x
en cs sk
S01E08 - Episode #1.8 1 15x
en cs sk
S01E09 - Episode #1.9 1 6x
en cs sk
S01E17 - Episode #1.17 0 x
en cs sk
S01E21 - Episode #1.21 1 9x
en cs sk